We provide comprehensive Fitness and performance Solutions


Our Purpose

Whether you are a young multi-sport athlete, or an elite level single sport competitor, appropriate personalized exercise interventions are paramount to athletic success. That is why we integrate our extensive Initial Training Assessment with enhanced performance training techniques like reciprocal inhibition, post-activation potentiation, and long term athletic development with injury prevention strategies to create individualized programs that address both athlete specific, and sport specific needs.


Our Facility

Our 800 sq. ft. indoor training area includes a Power Rack, Olympic Lifting Platform, Keiser Functional Trainer, TRX Suspension Trainers, as well as free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, bands, and plyometric boxes to address all of our athletes’ needs.

Outdoors, our artificial turf training area includes a single tunnel batting cage, a 60+ yard running lane, and a concrete wall for plyometric medicine ball training. We utilize our outdoor space for our dynamic warm up, agility and speed training, sprints, form running, plyometrics, as well as other strength and power training exercises.